Tips to make your luxury custom home eco-friendly

Eco-friendly properties are a huge trend in the market right now. Buyers and owners are more conscious about their environmental impact now more than ever before. Climate change and global warming are huge concerns and people want to take steps to make changes in every aspect of their life- their luxury custom home included. From simple changes to construction choices, here are the best ways to make your home green.

  1. Light Bulbs

Replacing the light bulbs in your home is the simplest and easiest way to make your house more efficient. Change your incandescent bulbs for LED or CFL ones. Not only are they more energy efficient they also last longer so you won’t have to replace them as often.

  1. Bamboo Flooring

If you’re thinking of changing your flooring or are in the process of building or renovating you home, talk to your architect about using bamboo for your hardwood floors. Not only are they durable but also bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants, meaning the material replenishes easier than other woods.

  1. Low-Energy Appliances

Appliances use up a large amount of electricity so think about changing yours out of energy star-qualified ones. They use about 10%-15% less energy than the standard ones, which not only saves your money but also the planet.

  1. Energy-Efficient Windows

Talk to your homebuilder about putting in energy-efficient windows if you’re building or if it’s time to switch your old ones out. They not only last longer but due to better insulation they keep you cooler in the summer months and warmer in the winter ones. They also have the added bonus of keeping out harmful UV rays. New energy-efficient windows are one of the best ways to make your house greener and they’re also great for resale value.

  1. Low-Flow Toilet

Toilets account for around 30% of a household’s water usage. Chances are you won’t notice the difference between a standard and a low flow toilet but the environment sure will. If you’re building a house talk to your architect about putting one in.

  1. Sustainable Building Materials

If you’re building a custom home talk to your architect about using sustainable building materials to make your house greener. Reclaimed wood, recycled glass, and plastic as well as the use of natural and renewable resources are great ways to make sure your new home is eco-friendly.

  1. Solar Panels

Solar panels are a great investment if you’re really into going green. They’re a little costly up front but they will save you money in the long run. Solar panels really help bring down monthly energy bills and most governments provide incentives, grants and tax breaks to those that install them.

  1. Insulation

The majority of electricity goes to heating and cooling a house. Proper and quality insulation can really help reduce the cost of this. Talk to your home builder and architect if your home is under construction to make sure your home will be properly insulated and that all windows and doors will have proper sealing. If you live in an older home, look into adding more insulating to help reduce your electricity bills.

When making your home greener, changes can range from large to small. Whether you’re just switching our light bulbs or building from scratch with renewable resources, every change to make your house more environmentally friendly helps. Here at Sina Sadeddin Architectural Design we specialize in LEED certified properties and can help you help the planet.