January 2017
Custom Green Home
Having a custom home builder make your home eco-friendly and energy efficient not only benefits the planet but also you and your family. Going green has been a rising trend and with all the advantages of it, it’s easy to see why. Talk to your Toronto home builder and enjoy the following benefits. Healthy Planet...
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Architecture Firms
There’s a lot of information out there unfortunately, it’s not all true. When you’re building something as important, personal and expensive as a home you want to make sure you deal in facts, not myths. We’re setting the record straight on some common myths surrounding architects and architecture firms.   Myth #1: Architecture Firms are...
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What To Look For In a Custom Home Builder
Finding the right custom home builder is a daunting task. This is someone you’re going to be working closely with for the next 6-12 months, or longer! Building a home is a stressful time. Picking the right custom home builder is vital to making sure the process runs smoothly. Look for the following items and...
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You Should Hire a Custom Home Builder
If you’ve decided to build a home, there are multiple paths you can take to get it done. There are two main ways you could go. The first is design then bid. This means you hire an architect to design your home and then have contractors bid on who gets to make it. The other...
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Metal Roof For Your Luxury Custom Home
Picking a roof is a huge decision when it comes to having your custom home built. It impacts not only home style but also cost, resale value, and other house expenses. As technologies and styles evolve in home building, roofing options continue to expand. Each material offers something different in terms of advantages and each...
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