What To Look For In a Custom Home Builder

Finding the right custom home builder is a daunting task. This is someone you’re going to be working closely with for the next 6-12 months, or longer! Building a home is a stressful time. Picking the right custom home builder is vital to making sure the process runs smoothly.

Look for the following items and qualities when selecting your custom home builder.

Project Portfolio

The best way to judge how well your blueprint will turn out is to look at the past projects that your custom home builder has done. Make sure they have done homes within your selected budget, size and location before. If you’re looking for a custom home builder in Toronto you want to make sure they’ve built in that area before so that they are aware of local restrictions and building codes. Make sure you ask how long it took particular projects to complete as well.

Looking at a custom home builder’s portfolio is also a great way to gain inspiration and ideas. Maybe you didn’t consider a certain feature but after seeing it in another home you now want it.


Client Testimonials

A portfolio is great but what it can’t show you is how easy a custom home builder was to work with. Someone might produce a beautiful home but if the process was a nightmare it probably wasn’t worth it. Make sure to read client testimonials to get a grasp of how other felt about working with the home builder.


Communication Abilities

Communication is key during the construction process. Information, decisions, and changes will need to be communicated almost daily. A good custom home builder will be able to communicate effectively with you, their team, and other subcontractors. The last thing you want is to hire a home builder that causes mistakes due to miscommunication.


Organization Skills

Organization is so important during a home build. There is just so much information to sort and keep track of. You want to hire a custom home builder that can keep on top of everything. You don’t want the stress of hiring someone that misplaces key documents needed for building licenses or blueprints.


Effective Time Management

Having effective time management skills is a key quality in a custom home builder. They will have to juggle schedules, delivery dates, installation times and not to mention keep it all within the general timeline. A home builder will also be responsible for filing any necessary paperwork, which you don’t want them to be delayed in. On top of all of this, a custom home builder probably has other projects going on at the same time as yours. If they don’t have effective time management everything is going to come crashing down.


Often, your custom home builder will be your architect or designer as well. If this is the case you want to look for someone that has experience and skills in the home styles you like. If you like modern homes look for a home builder that specialized in custom modern homes. This is where looking at their portfolio and past projects come in handy. You can get a sense of what styles they feel comfortable building in.



Looking for personality in a custom home builder is a little harder to nail down. Basically, you want to look for someone that you like and can get along with. The whole home building process is stressful and being forced to work with someone you don’t like will only make things harder. When looking for a home builder see how comfortable you feel around them and try to judge how well you think they understand your vision. Working with a custom home builder that has a personality that vibes well with your own will make all the difference.


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