You Should Hire a Custom Home Builder

If you’ve decided to build a home, there are multiple paths you can take to get it done. There are two main ways you could go. The first is design then bid. This means you hire an architect to design your home and then have contractors bid on who gets to make it. The other approach is to hire a custom home builder that will design, build and manage your home all in one. We highly recommend the later approach and this is why.

  1. Single Point of Contact

Hiring a custom home builder means hiring an architect, contractor, and project manager all in one. Even if these roles are delegated to others, your home builder will become your single point of contact for everything. They’ll become your representative on the job site making sure your vision becomes a reality as well as being accountable to you for quality, time and cost. As a client, this means you have the ease of only having to communicate with one person about any aspect of your custom home.

  1. Save Money

You might think that hiring a custom home builder is an unnecessary cost. However, they will end up saving you money in the long run. A home builder can not only help you manage the budget by recommending cost-saving materials and features, but they also make sure to keep the subcontractors on the project honest with pricing. They’ll have years of construction and building experience to make sure you are getting the best pricing possible.

  1. Save Time

With a custom home builder, you already save time by eliminating the bidding stage. There is a seamless transition from design to construction. When it comes to timeline too you’ll be saving time. As the sole person responsible for the project, your home builder will want to make sure they stick to the timeline and complete your home on time. Having a single person manage the multiple scheduling issues and timelines also make the process smoother.

  1. Better Communication

Having a single person managing a project means that there is better communication, which saves money, time and energy. With design and construction happening under one roof the chances of miscommunication are significantly reduced. With a custom home builder, it also means that design and construction aren’t competing against one another and instead are working together.

  1. Easy Changes

Changes are bound to occur when building a home. From setbacks to delays there’s nothing you can do but manage them. Luckily, with a custom home builder changes are easier to handle. Not only will they handle material shortages or timeline delays but also if you change your mind about a design decision it becomes a lot easier to change. Your contractor and designer are one in the same meaning they can best advise you on both at every step of the way.

  1. Better Quality

A custom home builder’s reputation and business are all dependent on quality and customer satisfaction. They’ll be sure to make sure you’re happy with your home in the end. Quality design, quality construction, quality communication, quality relationships and quality product will all be the main focus.


A custom home builder is clearly the better choice when it comes to designing and constructing your new house. They’ll save you time, money and stress. Having a home builder means you’ll have someone working non-stop to make sure your vision comes to life with the best quality. They’ll work for you and your interests at every step of the way.