March 2017
Hiring a custom home builder
Building a custom home is stressful. There are endless decisions to be made. The biggest one comes before the process even starts. Picking the right custom home builder for the project can make or break it. Hiring the right person will determine how smoothly and efficiently the process goes and what quality of work you...
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Cost Of A Custom Home
Building a custom home in Toronto means you get a luxurious home with everything you could want in it. It means avoiding timely and costly renovations or moving. Building a custom home also means that you get the individual attention of a custom home builder that will work with you and for you at every...
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What Do Custom Home Builders Do?
The short answer, they do it all. It can be confusing when you’re building a home to decipher the difference between people’s roles. Architect, project manager, home builder- what are the differences and which one should you hire? When you hire a custom home builder you get an all in one package. They handle everything,...
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Best Things To Do With Your Attic Space
The attic is often a forgotten section of the house. For most people, it’s an unfinished space full of cobwebs and dust. Its main purpose seems to be storage for holiday decorations and boxes of forgotten memories. But as housing prices soar in Toronto, it’s important to make the most of every space in your...
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Questions to Ask Yourself When Building A Custom Home
Building a custom home is a big, life-changing decision. To make sure the process is as smooth and easy as possible make sure you ask yourself the following questions before you begin. Taking an honest look at your life, yourself, and your family will help you determine the best course to take when it comes...
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