November 2017
IKEA Kitchens Custom Home Builder
  Building a custom home, especially in a hot market like Toronto, can be expensive, very expensive. If there’s one area of the home that costs the most it’s the kitchen. It’s also the area that sees the most use, which is why custom home builders never like to go cheap in kitchens. However, cheaper...
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Custom Home Laundry Room Ideas
    The laundry room isn’t the most exciting room in a home, but it is an area that is vital to a functioning house and family. It always surprises custom home builders just how little thought people put into their laundry room. A few smart decisions can increase functionality by a lot. Here are...
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Hardwood Flooring Care Custom Home Toronto
  Hardwood flooring has been a constant in homes for decades and there’s a reason for that. Not only is it stunning but it’s also more durable than people think. But to keep hardwood looking good there is some maintenance that has to go into it. With a few simple care tips, you can keep...
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Toronto Custom Home Cabinet Hardware Finish
  It’s the small things that make the largest impact in a custom home. The type of hardware used on cabinets may seem small, but it’s the details that make a custom home so special. Picking the right cabinet hardware finish can make a home feel complete and tie together all the larger elements. Here...
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Things Custom Home Builders Wish Clients Knew
  Being a custom home builder is one of the greatest jobs. We get to create a place where people will create memories for years. We lay the floors where their kids take their first steps and put in the kitchen that will cook Thanksgiving dinners. As custom home builders, it’s our job to construct...
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