December 2017
Every year custom home builders and designers eagerly wait to see what the big paint brands will declare their color of the year. Sometimes it reflects current trends, other times it points towards rising ones, and occasionally the picks seem completely random. Each of the top paint brands has announced their picks for the color of...
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2018 Custom Home Design Trends
Every year brands and companies release what they believe will be the next design trends of the year. Pinterest has joined in this year, releasing their 100 for 2018 list. It’s a list compiled to showcase all of the most popular trends in different industries. Seeing as Pinterest is the go-to site for home décor,...
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Best Flooring Options For Basements- Custom Homes Toronto
When building a custom home people spend a lot of time thinking about the main rooms of the house. It’s only natural that they do, but they should also consider the basement. In Toronto, where any square footage is valuable, having a finished basement is a luxury. Homeowners want them to look and feel good,...
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