2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Every year brands and companies release what they believe will be the next design trends of the year. Pinterest has joined in this year, releasing their 100 for 2018 list. It’s a list compiled to showcase all of the most popular trends in different industries. Seeing as Pinterest is the go-to site for home décor, they probably have some pretty sound data to back up their picks. Here are their top home design trends for 2018.


Statement Ceilings

Ceilings have long been the forgotten section of a home. Custom home builders have been trying to get people thinking a little more creatively about them in recent years. Pinterest seems to think 2018 will be the year that statement ceilings finally take off.

From intricate designs like coffered ceilings and tray ceilings to bold patterns and colors that come with wallpaper and paint, there are many options for making your ceiling pop. So take a chance the next time you’re redoing a room and look up when designing.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends


Mixed Metals

While people are willing to mix colors, homeowners are still a little unsure how to mix metals. Luckily, Pinterest is suggesting this will become hugely popular in 2018, so hopefully, this gives people more confidence in mixing different metals in their custom home.

A pro tip is that metals are like any other color. You should have a dominant metal and then additional metals act as accents. Metals are great though as they work with any color. Working in some warmer metals like gold and bronze into a cooler room that already has some cooler metals like chrome and nickel is a quick way to add warmth and texture.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Spa Bathrooms

Who doesn’t want their custom built home bathrooms to be spa-like? This will become an even bigger trend in 2018. Almost any bathroom can feel spa-like with a few simple changes. Add in wood elements adds warmth and a touch of nature. Layer lighting with candles and use plush towels and rugs for extra comfort. Throw in some live plants and waterproof speakers to play some soothing music and you’ve got yourself your own personal spa.



2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Terrazzo Comeback

The colorful terrazzo was a huge hit back in the 70’s and it’s making its comeback in 2018. Terrazzo is a composite made up of other stones like granite, marble, glass and other elements. It features shiny flakes that often have bold colors like greens and blues.

If this bold stone is too much for your countertops, we suggest using it in smaller amounts. A terrazzo coffee table could add a bold but manageable pop of color. If you want less permanent terrazzo pieces, look into look-alike wallpaper.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Bone Inlay Furniture

Bone inlay designs on furniture are making its way into designs in 2018. These bold pieces add geometric flair and design interest to a room. They can be a little pricey to buy, but Pinterest has a few hacks for the DIYer. Get some removable wallpaper or stencils and cut them to create the desired look. This way also makes it easy to switch it out later if you get tired of it.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Herringbone Flooring

Hardwood flooring is by far the most classic look. It’s something we always recommend our clients to look into for their custom home. Not only is it stylish and timeless, it’s also a huge selling feature. Hardwoods are getting a bit of an upgrade in 2018. Hardwood flooring laid in the herringbone pattern is set to be popular. The design adds a bit of interest and modern flair without being overwhelming.

If an entire floor of herringbone sounds too much for you, consider adding the pattern elsewhere. Herringbone tile in bathrooms looks stunning and backsplashes in herringbone designs add the right amount of details to kitchens.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Bold Doors

Painting a front door a fun, bold color is a simple way to upgrade curb appeal. In 2018 it will also be a big design trend. Doors are no longer being seen as necessary features in a home, now they’re being injected with style. Consider painting your front door, inside or outside, to add a pop of color and style to your custom home this year.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Sage Green

When it comes to neutrals, there’s more available than blacks, whites, and tans. For the last few years navy has cemented itself as the neutral option that also adds color and boldness. In 2018 it seems that sage green will fill the spot.

This soft green color can be used almost anywhere in a home. From kitchen cabinets to wall color, sage green is the perfect neutral. It works well with cool grays or creamy whites. It’s a soft and soothing color that evokes nature, so try it out in your home this year!


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Patterned Plants

Who knew different plants would come in and out of style? People are learning they can say a lot by which plants they introduce in their homes. The trend in 2018 for plants are those will bold patterns and bright colors. If you don’t have a green thumb don’t worry, you can always find an easy to maintain one or turn to succulents, which don’t need much care.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends

Big Art

Art is always a personal decision, but the trend in 2018 will be larger pieces. Look into one larger statement piece of art instead of a cluster of smaller ones. Whether it’s a painting, a picture, or a poster, bigger is better in 2018.


2018 Custom Home Design Trends


Trends come and go, so don’t feel like you need to follow every trend every time. Pick and choose which trends would work best in your home and life. At the end of the day, the beauty of a custom home is that it’s tailored to your individual life and family. If you want to get starting building your new dream luxury custom home in 2018, please contact us.