Every year custom home builders and designers eagerly wait to see what the big paint brands will declare their color of the year.

Sometimes it reflects current trends, other times it points towards rising ones, and occasionally the picks seem completely random. Each of the top paint brands has announced their picks for the color of the year, and here they all are.


Pantone: Ultra Violet

Out of all of the colors of the year, Pantone is the go-to person. Their color of 2018 is Ultra Violet, a deep rich purple. It’s dramatic and intriguing. The color purple is often associated with mystery and passion. This color is bold, so it’s not for the faint of heart. If an entire wall of purple scares you, try using Ultra Violet on a piece of accent furniture, like a bookshelf or dresser. It will instantly become a statement piece that everyone will fawn over.



Benjamin Moore: Caliente AF-290

Caliente looks exactly as it sounds, a fiery red. There is no missing this shade of red. It’s vibrant and charismatic. This red strikes the perfect balance between boldness and sophistication. It’s the perfect color for more mature areas of the home like a dining room or office. If you’re looking to use it in smaller amounts, consider painting your front door Caliente. Red doors are classic but eye-catching.



Sherwin Williams: Oceanside

This paint color is a rich jewel-toned teal that has the perfect blend of blue and green. It’s both soothing and exciting. Teals are great for home design too as this color works well with both warm and cool tones. Jewel tones work great in more intimate rooms like bedrooms and studies. Oceanside would also be a fabulous color for accent pieces like a hutch or bedside table.



Behr: In The Moment

Behr’s color of the year is a little subtler than the others. In The Moment is the perfect soft blue-green. It’s a versatile and welcoming color that can act as both a neutral and pop of color. This hue is calming and welcoming, with hints of warm and cool tones making it the perfect choice for any home. It will work well in any room, especially more casual rooms like kitchens or living rooms.



Glidden: Deep Onyx

Deep Onyx is what we home builders call an “almost black”. It has enough gray ashy-ness in it to keep it from being too dark and deep of a black. Deep Onyx has gray undertones that help diffuse the boldness of black, making it more versatile and approachable. Deep Onyx would be perfect for shutters or your front door. It would also be a great color for kitchen cabinets or islands.



PPG: Black Flame

Black Flame is another almost black color, but this one with blue and purple undertones rather than gray. It has a playful indigo hue to it that makes it interesting. It’s a color that looks absolutely striking on walls. While it’s a darker color, it’s not overpowering, making it perfect for living rooms.



Olympic: Black Magic

Another almost black. Clearly, this is a trend home owners should pay attention to. This is the closest to true black on the list. This color would be perfect for a home’s exterior. The darkness would also play well off lighter neutrals in a bedroom or office.




What these colors of 2018 point to, is a trend of bold rich colors that are striking and act as the perfect background to neutrals. Rather than an overload of color, and a complete void of it, design trends are heading towards a balance of the two. These colors can be translated into other design elements, not just paint. If you want to learn more or book a consultation, contact us today!