January 2018
7 Features That Are Cool, But Don’t Add Home Value- Toronto Custom Homes
  When building a custom home, homeowners have to balance their wants with budget and reality. Certain features may seem awesome, but they aren’t necessarily worth the expense as they don’t add any home value. Even worse, some of these cool rooms may actually make it harder to sell your home in the future. If...
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Natural Light Custom Home Toronto
  If there is one thing that can drastically change how a home looks, feels, and even functions its lighting. When building your custom home, lighting is one of the major aspects we look at. As architects, we make sure we look at what direction the sun hits your home and aim to capitalize on...
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Steps Before Remodelling Custom Home Toronto
  Home builders in Toronto get calls every day from homeowners desperately wanting to improve an area or two of their home. Whether it’s dated in style or just doesn’t function for the family, there are tons of reasons people remodel. Building a custom home from scratch isn’t always possible, but renovating and remodeling a...
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Modular Homes Custom Home Builder Toronto
  Even though we build custom homes in Toronto, we get a lot of questions about other types of homes out there. One that has been talked about lately is modular homes. Modular homes are built indoors in a factory, rather than on-site. The nearly finished home is then transported to the plot of land....
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Keep Custom Home Warm Toronto
  Winter brings with it holidays and fun, but there’s also the chilly wind and icy snow. Homes in Toronto, from the older ones to the newly built custom homes, can all feel the impact of such harsh temperatures. While turning on the heat is always an option, there are a few simple ways to...
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