March 2018
Understanding Architectural Design: Victorian Homes- Sina Architectural Design
  If we had to pick the most polarizing architectural style for homes it would have to be Victorians. Victorians homes are extremely distinguishable, but its old-world feel is either loved or hated. When people hear “Victorian” they typically picture a dollhouse with detailed trim and bright colors, and this image isn’t wrong although not...
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5 Horrible Architectural Design Details That Should Stop Being Used- Sina Architectural Design
  Home building and architectural details have trends just like fashion and interior design. But like with all trends, sometimes we look back and regret them. Unfortunately, when it comes to architectural features, it can be hard to easily get rid of the dated details. There were some bad ones in the past, ranging from...
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  Trends are always tricky when it comes to custom homes. While you want your home to look updated and fresh, trends can fade just as quickly as they come. Home builders always recommend homeowners stick to classic, timeless choices for larger items that can’t be changed easily. Design elements like hardwood floors and stainless...
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Should You Purchase House Plans Online- Sina Architectural Design
  If you’re looking to build a new home, there are a number of different ways to get plans for it. You could go with an architect that would make custom home plans to fit your lot and family. You could go with a tract builder that has a few different layouts to choose from....
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