April 2018
These Are The 7 Most Common Hardwood Flooring Patterns- Sina Architectural Design
  Out of all of the flooring choices out there, there is nothing as beautiful, timeless, or classic as hardwood flooring. No matter what color or design it’s in, it infuses a home with warmth and style. When building a custom home every little detail has meaning, even in the flooring. One of the reasons...
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The Pros and Cons of Different House Foundations-Sina Architectural Design
  People ask a lot of questions about home building, but they very rarely question the most important part of a house- the foundation. The foundation is literally what is holding up your home and maintaining its integrity. Every home is built on a foundation, but not every home is built on the same type...
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6 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Your Granite Countertops- Sina Architectural Design
  North America will probably never fully get over their love of granite countertops. Although the current trend favors stones with less busy veins like quartz and marble, granite still remains immensely popular in the US and Canada. It’s easy to understand why too. Not only does it look nice (and add some home value),...
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10 Biggest Interior Design Mistakes Most People Make- Sina Architectural Design
  Now that you’ve built your beautiful custom home, it’s time to decorate. Decorating can be fun, but just like building the number of decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming and stressful. If you’re worried that you might make a mistake, or that you’ve already made one, don’t worry you’re not alone....
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