May 2018
A Quick Guide To Understanding Sun Exposures In Homes- Sina Architectural Design
  Nothing sells a home like natural light. It is by far the most valuable feature anyone can have in their custom home. Once you’ve selected your lot, our team goes through and does a thorough site analysis. During this site inspection, we look at the direction of the lot and determine the layout based...
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All of The Different Lighting Fixture Types Explained- Sina Architectural Design
  Let there be light! Lighting is one of the most vital elements in interior and architectural design. It can set the entire tone for your custom home. Picking the right type of lighting fixture can be challenging though; there are tons of options! Here are all of the different lighting fixture types out there and...
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8 Simple Ways To Update Your Bathroom- Sina Architectural Design
  Home design trends come and go. Chances are if you built your custom home a few years ago you’re not starting to feel like certain elements are outdated. That is inevitable, but the good news is that there are a few quick and simple ways to refresh rooms. If your bathroom is looking a...
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