June 2018
A Guide to Everything You Need to Know About Kitchen Sinks- Sina Architectural Design
  Building a custom home means making a lot of decisions. By far one of the most vital rooms in the home is the kitchen. It’s the heart of the home, and typically the most used space in a house. People spend a lot of time thinking about which appliances to get, what countertops to...
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7 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design
  When it comes to building custom homes, people have to consider a lot of things. Everything from picking materials and color choices, to how green to go has to be decided. One thing people tend to overlook though is air quality. Toronto is lucky enough to have low air pollution, but that doesn’t mean...
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How To Protect Your Basement From Flooding- Sina Architectural Design
  Whether you have an old home or a newly built custom home, all are at risk of flooding, especially in basements. Basements are prone it flooding during heavy rainfall, like the storms recently, or when snow and ice are melting. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to reduce the chance of...
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What Custom Home Builders Look For In Potential Clients
  We spend a lot of time explaining what things clients should look for when selecting a builder for their custom home. But it’s not just clients that make the decision. Custom home builders select which clients they work with carefully. Building a home is a hard and long process, and having a poor pairing...
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15 White Paints We Always Use In Our Custom Homes-Sina Architectural Design
  Picking the right paint color can be difficult, but nothing is as challenging as picking the right white. People are always stunned by just how many white paint options there are out there. Unlike other colors, determining the tones and hues within them can be challenging. We get a lot of clients turning to...
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