August 2018
5 Ways to Update Old Brick- Sina Architectural Design
  Bricks have been used on homes for centuries. It’s a classic building material that can withstand the test of time. But just because it survives a long time doesn’t mean it remains nice looking. Whether it’s a brick exterior or a brick fireplace, sometimes a little update can make a big difference. Here are...
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A Guide to All the Different Styles of Windows- Sina Architectural Design
  When it comes to building a custom home, one element that can completely transform a house’s exterior and interior style are windows. Windows are vital to a home design, both in terms of aesthetic and practicality. They allow light to come in, help regulate temperature, add style, and help with ventilation. Windows are important-...
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Tasks You Should Never DIY In Your Home-Sina Architectural Design
  DIY (do it yourself) culture has taken off in the past few years. Pinterest is full of ideas and tips, Instagram has accounts just dedicated to DIY videos, and HGTV has been the driving force behind getting this movement going. As a custom home builder, it’s great to see homeowners take an interest in...
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Understanding Architectural Design: Ranch Homes- Sina Architectural Design
  Out of all of the home styles, ranch houses probably have the least amount of architectural detail. These homes emphasize casual and practical living. Don’t let the lack of detail make you look down on these homes though. The open layout and simple design make ranches some of the best homes for young couples,...
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