October 2018
8 Commonly Misused Design Terms & What They Actually Mean- Sina Architectural Design
  When building a custom home, a lot of different terms get thrown around. For someone who doesn’t have a background in design or construction, it’s easy to get these words confused. Here is a quick guide to commonly misunderstood design terms and what they actually mean.   Modern vs. Contemporary These two terms are...
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The Symbolism of a Red Front Door- Sina Architectural Design
A colorful front door is one of the easiest and most effective ways people can update their home and boost curb appeal. But did you know that red front doors have cultural significance in many countries? The color red is full of symbolism. The color is associated with strong emotions on both sides, from love...
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Charts Everyone Should Use When Designing Their Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design
  When building a custom home, hiring the right professionals is important. But understanding key choices will also help the process go smoothly for everyone. There are a lot of subtle things that go into designing each room in a home, everything from how wide to make aisle sin kitchens to what size rug to...
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A Guide to Bathroom Sink Styles- Sina Architectural Design
  When people begin designing their custom home bathrooms they put a lot of thought into the shower material, wall color, and vanity style. An often overlooked area is the bathroom sink. There are a number of different options out there, each with their own unique style and benefits.     Drop-In Sinks This style...
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