January 2019
Positive vs. Negative Sink Reveals- Sina Architectural Designs
  The details never end when it comes to custom home building. Once you’ve selected your kitchen sink and countertop, you then have to decide on the sink reveal. A reveal refers to the amount of sink you see “revealed” under the counter. This only applies to undermount sinks, and there are three reveal options....
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6 Tips for Planning Your Custom Home Dining Room- Sina Architectural Designs
  While the dining room isn’t often the star of the home, it does serve a vital function. It’s where families gather for holidays, homework is done, parties are held, and meals are eaten. Here are a few great tips for planning the perfect dining room for your custom home!   Open, Closed, Formal or...
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What Type of Professionals are Involved in Building a Home?- Sina Architectural Design
One of the most common things we hear from clients is how surprised they are that so many professions work on the project. From architects to electricians, many people play a role in making a home. Here are a few of the most common professions you’ll find involved in a custom home building project.  ...
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2019 Interior Design Trends According to Pinterest- Sina Architectural Design
  Trends come and go quickly, but whether you love them or hate then they’re certainly fun to look at. Pinterest is the place to go for home design these days, so it’s no surprise that they know what trends to expect this year. They’ve recently released their predictions for home design trends in 2019,...
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