February 2019
8 Tricks for Making Low Ceiling Look Higher- Sina Architectural Design
  Does your Toronto home suffer from a low ceiling? There are a number of reasons the ceilings may be lower than normal, or just appear that way. It’s a common problem that can impact a number of other design choices. Luckily there are a number of tricks you can do to make them appear...
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5 Tips for Designing a Modern Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design
  When it comes to building custom homes in Toronto, many people are choosing to go modern. Modern homes have a unique feel to them and compliment the bustling city of Toronto. There’s no such thing as cookie cutter when it comes to modern homes, which is one reason why we love building them. Modern...
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Best and Worst Flooring Options for Bathrooms- Sina Architectural Designs
  We don’t often think about our bathroom floors, but they’re important. They greet us in the morning when we get ready, they’re there after a shower, and while we’re getting ready for bed. Picking the right flooring for a bathroom can make a big impact on daily life even if we don’t think about...
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This is How to Design the Perfect TV Wall- Sina Architectural Design
  Love them or hate them, most living rooms these days are all about the TV. TV placement is one of the top questions we get asked about when designing custom homes and it’s also one of the first things people look for when buying a home. Designing around a piece of technology can be...
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