April 2019
Production vs. Custom Homes: What Are the Differences?- Sina Architectural Design | Toronto Custom Home Builder
  Making the decision to build a home is a big one, but the choices don’t end there. One of the first major choices you’ll have to make is what type of build you want. There are two main options if you’re looking for choices and customizations- production or custom homes.   Production Homes A...
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Porches, Pergolas, Porticos, and Other Outdoor Structures Explained- Sina Architectural Design
  There are a lot of inside elements that go into building a custom home, but a house is more than it’s interior. The exterior of a home is just as important as the inside. Indoor-outdoor living is huge right now, and although Toronto doesn’t have the best weather all year round, that is just...
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What is the Kitchen Work Triangle?- Sina Architectural Design
  If you’ve ever built a custom home or gone through a kitchen renovation, chances are you’ve heard your designer or architect mention the work triangle. It’s a design concept that has been used for many years in order to create an efficient kitchen layout. But what exactly is it and is it necessary for...
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Everything You Need to Know About Mudrooms- Sina Architectural Design
  Whenever we meet with new clients, we ask them for a list of their wants and needs. A functional kitchen, a big living room, and a beautiful master suite are always on the list. But in the past few years, another item has become a staple on the list- a mudroom. If you’re looking...
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