September 2019
How to Have a Custom Home Design That Flows Well- Sina Architectural Design
When building a custom home, there are a lot of decisions to juggle. It can be confusing and stressful, but it’s important to remember the end goal. Often in the haze of decision making, people forget about their final design. A good luxury custom home should feel consistent as you move throughout it. Having flow...
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6 Tips for Creating the Perfect Gallery Wall- Sina Architectural Design
  Nothing brings a custom home design together like artwork. Often a room doesn’t feel complete until there is something on the walls. These days many people are adding gallery walls to their homes. Gallery walls are a collection of artwork and photographs hung together. There are many styles and types of gallery walls, but...
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Pros and Cons of Vaulted Ceilings- Sina Architectural Design
  The ceiling might be one of the most understated parts of any custom home. While it’s not often looked at, it can really influence how a home looks and functions. One of the most popular features people add to their custom homes are vaulted ceilings. Rather than the standard flat ceiling, a vaulted ceiling...
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Best and Worst Flooring Options for Laundry Rooms- Sina Architectural Design
  The laundry room might not be the most fun room in the home, but it is a vital area that makes a big impact on how well a home operates. These days, people are looking to make their laundry rooms as functional and fun as possible, so that doing chores is less of a...
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