Architectural Design
Best Things To Do With Your Attic Space
The attic is often a forgotten section of the house. For most people, it’s an unfinished space full of cobwebs and dust. Its main purpose seems to be storage for holiday decorations and boxes of forgotten memories. But as housing prices soar in Toronto, it’s important to make the most of every space in your...
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Questions to Ask Yourself When Building A Custom Home
Building a custom home is a big, life-changing decision. To make sure the process is as smooth and easy as possible make sure you ask yourself the following questions before you begin. Taking an honest look at your life, yourself, and your family will help you determine the best course to take when it comes...
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Metal Roof For Your Luxury Custom Home
Picking a roof is a huge decision when it comes to having your custom home built. It impacts not only home style but also cost, resale value, and other house expenses. As technologies and styles evolve in home building, roofing options continue to expand. Each material offers something different in terms of advantages and each...
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marble countertop for luxury custom homes
A stone countertop is the top requested item in custom homes currently. They’re durable and practical as well as beautiful and luxurious. There are many different types of stone out there though from granite to marble, so how do you know which stone is right for you? It comes down to a number of different...
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add to your custom basement
The basement can often be a neglected space in a home. When building your custom home though don’t let that vital space go to waste. A finished basement, even a blank one, adds home value but why not do something more with it than use it for storage? Basements provide an opportunity to add something...
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architectural design styles
  When it comes to building a custom home, one of the biggest decisions is determining what architectural style you want your home built in. Every style has its own characteristics that set it apart from others. Certain neighborhoods or cities favor styles but usually, it comes down to personal preference, especially when building a...
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