Building Custom Homes
A Guide to All Types of Bathtubs- Sina Architectural Design | Toronto Custom Home Builder
One of the great things about building a custom home is that you can design it to suit your wants and needs. However, our custom home builders always recommend clients to keep resale in mind. One classic selling rule is that every home needs at least one bathtub. Home without at least one tub cuts...
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A Guide to Bathroom Sink Styles- Sina Architectural Design
  When people begin designing their custom home bathrooms they put a lot of thought into the shower material, wall color, and vanity style. An often overlooked area is the bathroom sink. There are a number of different options out there, each with their own unique style and benefits.     Drop-In Sinks This style...
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All of The Different Lighting Fixture Types Explained- Sina Architectural Design
  Let there be light! Lighting is one of the most vital elements in interior and architectural design. It can set the entire tone for your custom home. Picking the right type of lighting fixture can be challenging though; there are tons of options! Here are all of the different lighting fixture types out there and...
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2018 Custom Home Design Trends
Every year brands and companies release what they believe will be the next design trends of the year. Pinterest has joined in this year, releasing their 100 for 2018 list. It’s a list compiled to showcase all of the most popular trends in different industries. Seeing as Pinterest is the go-to site for home décor,...
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Things Custom Home Builders Wish Clients Knew
  Being a custom home builder is one of the greatest jobs. We get to create a place where people will create memories for years. We lay the floors where their kids take their first steps and put in the kitchen that will cook Thanksgiving dinners. As custom home builders, it’s our job to construct...
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