Green Homes Toronto
7 Ways to Improve Air Quality in Your Custom Home- Sina Architectural Design
  When it comes to building custom homes, people have to consider a lot of things. Everything from picking materials and color choices, to how green to go has to be decided. One thing people tend to overlook though is air quality. Toronto is lucky enough to have low air pollution, but that doesn’t mean...
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LEED Custom Home
Making your new custom home LEED certified not only elevates luxury and your quality of living, but it also improves the environment. Green homes have many benefits so consider going green when building your luxury custom home. Here is everything you need to know about a LEED custom home according to a custom home builder...
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Tips to make your luxury custom home eco-friendly
Eco-friendly properties are a huge trend in the market right now. Buyers and owners are more conscious about their environmental impact now more than ever before. Climate change and global warming are huge concerns and people want to take steps to make changes in every aspect of their life- their luxury custom home included. From...
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