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Everything You Need to Know about a Butler’s Pantry- Sina Architectural Design
  Lately, when we’re discussing features with our clients, one item that keeps getting mentioned is butler’s pantries. This room went out of favor in home building once household servants were no longer popular but lately, it’s seen a resurgence, even without the return of Jeeves. Before adding one to your custom home, read here...
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What Custom Home Builders Look For In Potential Clients
  We spend a lot of time explaining what things clients should look for when selecting a builder for their custom home. But it’s not just clients that make the decision. Custom home builders select which clients they work with carefully. Building a home is a hard and long process, and having a poor pairing...
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Everything You Need To Know About Paint Sheens- Sina Architectural Design
  If you’ve ever built a custom home, moved into a home, or even just watching a house show on TV then you know how important paint is. The right color can transform a space and the wrong one can ruin an entire home. But it’s not all about color. Paints come in different finishes,...
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Steps Before Remodelling Custom Home Toronto
  Home builders in Toronto get calls every day from homeowners desperately wanting to improve an area or two of their home. Whether it’s dated in style or just doesn’t function for the family, there are tons of reasons people remodel. Building a custom home from scratch isn’t always possible, but renovating and remodeling a...
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