Luxury Custom Home Builder
Luxury Home Sales Booming in Toronto- Sina Architectural Design
  Toronto’s real estate has had a tough time lately. Earlier in the year sales slumped thanks to the foreign buyer tax, tighter mortgage restrictions, skyrocketing prices, and increased interest rates. However, the GTA’s real estate market is now bouncing back.   A new report by Sotheby’s International Realty Canada showed that luxury home sales...
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What Custom Home Builders Look For In Potential Clients
  We spend a lot of time explaining what things clients should look for when selecting a builder for their custom home. But it’s not just clients that make the decision. Custom home builders select which clients they work with carefully. Building a home is a hard and long process, and having a poor pairing...
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architectural design styles
  When it comes to building a custom home, one of the biggest decisions is determining what architectural style you want your home built in. Every style has its own characteristics that set it apart from others. Certain neighborhoods or cities favor styles but usually, it comes down to personal preference, especially when building a...
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