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Do Homeowners or Architects Own Home Design Plans?- Sina Architectural Design
  A lot of people don’t realize it before they begin to build a home, but there are a fair amount of legal matters involved in the process. One aspect that clients often ask us about is who owns the rights to a home’s architectural plans? The answer is a little complicated, so let us...
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Best Flooring Options For Basements- Custom Homes Toronto
When building a custom home people spend a lot of time thinking about the main rooms of the house. It’s only natural that they do, but they should also consider the basement. In Toronto, where any square footage is valuable, having a finished basement is a luxury. Homeowners want them to look and feel good,...
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Architecture Firms
There’s a lot of information out there unfortunately, it’s not all true. When you’re building something as important, personal and expensive as a home you want to make sure you deal in facts, not myths. We’re setting the record straight on some common myths surrounding architects and architecture firms.   Myth #1: Architecture Firms are...
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Metal Roof For Your Luxury Custom Home
Picking a roof is a huge decision when it comes to having your custom home built. It impacts not only home style but also cost, resale value, and other house expenses. As technologies and styles evolve in home building, roofing options continue to expand. Each material offers something different in terms of advantages and each...
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architectural design styles
  When it comes to building a custom home, one of the biggest decisions is determining what architectural style you want your home built in. Every style has its own characteristics that set it apart from others. Certain neighborhoods or cities favor styles but usually, it comes down to personal preference, especially when building a...
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custom luxury home details
When building a luxury custom home it’s easy to forget about budget and resale value. Resale value is always something to keep in mind so below we’ve outlined the best things to add to your custom home in Toronto to make your home unique but to also add value. A. Adult Space Designated adult space...
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