Internationally Renowned Architectural Design


Sina Architectural Design is the culmination of renowned architect Sina Sadeddin’s decades of experience creating exceptional residential homes. Founded in 2004, the firm has established a global reputation as a leading design firm with extensive and varied experience in both public and private commissions.  The firm is recognized for creating innovative and environmentally conscious infrastructure that is individually tailored to each client and great for the community.

Residential & Commercial Development

Our residential development projects throughout North America bring together communities with luxury townhomes and condominium developments. We are committed to sustainable practices, eco-friendly design, and the highest level of building quality. We are dedicated to building thriving communities, and give back by partnering with local agencies to provide resources to those in need.

Luxury Custom Home Builder

Our custom home builders team combines architectural design with decades of experience in home building to craft stunning luxury homes that are meticulously designed for you down to each and every unique detail. As a full-service design firm we handle every aspect of building your custom home, from initial planning and development to interior design. We’re committed to working with a select number of clients per year to bring their vision to life.

Custom Home Design Trends People Are Tired of Seeing

Just like fashion and food, home design has trends that come and go in popularity. Unlike other industries, home design trends tend to stick around for a few years, but that doesn’t mean they’re immortal. Eventually, people get tired of certain trends. Here are some custom home design trends that people are sick and tired...
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5 Benefits of Using Orange in Your Custom Home

Are you looking to move away from stark grey and neutrals in your custom home? Adding pops of bold, warm colors is a great way to show your personality and make your home feel cozy. Orange is one of the boldest colors out there, and while many people are scared to integrate this fun color...
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Where to Start and Stop Your Kitchen Backsplash

From countertops and floors to appliances and lighting, there are a lot of different elements to a beautiful, cohesive custom home kitchen. The one element that often pulls together the entire kitchen space is the backsplash. A good backsplash can unite all the other design elements. A bad one can ruin the entire look. One...
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