Internationally Renowned Architectural Design


Sina Architectural Design is the culmination of renowned architect Sina Sadeddin’s decades of experience creating exceptional residential homes. Founded in 2004, the firm has established a global reputation as a leading design firm with extensive and varied experience in both public and private commissions.  The firm is recognized for creating innovative and environmentally conscious infrastructure that is individually tailored to each client and great for the community.

Residential & Commercial Development

Our residential development projects throughout North America bring together communities with luxury townhomes and condominium developments. We are committed to sustainable practices, eco-friendly design, and the highest level of building quality. We are dedicated to building thriving communities, and give back by partnering with local agencies to provide resources to those in need.

Luxury Custom Home Builder

Our custom home builders team combines architectural design with decades of experience in home building to craft stunning luxury homes that are meticulously designed for you down to each and every unique detail. As a full-service design firm we handle every aspect of building your custom home, from initial planning and development to interior design. We’re committed to working with a select number of clients per year to bring their vision to life.

What to do During Custom Home Final Walkthrough

Building a custom home is a long process, one that is both exciting and stressful. As the project nears an end, you’ll be eager to finally move in. One of the last things you’ll do before signing the build as complete is a final walkthrough. A final walkthrough is when you and your custom home...
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What is Curb Appeal and Why Does it Matter?

If you’ve ever bought, rented, or built a house, chances are you’ve heard people talk about “curb appeal”. But what exactly is curb appeal and why does it matter? Curb appeal is all about how visually appealing a home is, but shouldn’t the more practical aspects matter more than looks? Many people are shocked to...
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5 Tips for Communicating with your Custom Home Builder

Building your dream custom home is exciting, but proper communication with your custom home builder is key to a successful and stress-free build. Poor communication between you and your builder can result in lost time and money. Here are few tips to help you effectively stay in touch while your home is being built.  ...
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